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How to backup and restore your Kubernetes data on Amazon EKS
Do you have a Kubernetes backup and restore strategy in place for dev/test, staging and production?

Join us on this webinar to learn how to sign up for a free service and quickly execute backups:

•Create a free CloudCasa account (no payment information required) 
•Add an AWS cloud account and EKS cluster
•Run Kubernetes backup jobs 
•Restore your Kubernetes backups 

We’ll also go over security scanning as well as how you can:

•Protect your Kubernetes data including metadata, persistent volumes, cluster resources and even cloud databases 
•Automate and simplify recovery processes, including cross-cluster recovery, Amazon EKS restores, and granular restore of resources by type.

Learn why CloudCasa allows DevOps and IT teams to be confident that their Kubernetes clusters and application data are protected, tamper-proof, and fully recoverable while only paying for the data they are protecting.

Brian Sietsma, Solutions Architect at Catalogic Software
Aaron McCune, Solutions Architect at Catalogic Software

Run-time is 30 minutes.


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